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Saturday Morning Cartoons, Krtek the Mole

Posted in 20th century, animation, Krtek the Mole, Zdenĕk Miler on December 4, 2010 by babylonbaroque

Like a school boy hounded by peer pressure, I have switched my Facebook profile image to a cartoon character.

The theory is if all profiles are switched to cartoon figures, children will no longer suffer abuse. I wish it were that easy, but awareness cannot be a bad thing.

That said, the FB instructions were to pick a beloved childhood animated character. I was befuddled  as I didn’t have one. Would a character from Punch magazine count? I doubted it. So I went google searching and stumbled upon this very adorable little critter Krtek the Mole.

Krtek the Mole

by Zdenĕk Miler

born 1921


I was a snotty little boy I really disliked Disney, the Flintstones bugged me because they only had one background frame; woe to the schoolyard chum who dared ask me for a  rendering  of the Mouse, no ten year old had such withering contempt as this little sissy-boy-artiste.

For all of our Red-White-&-Blue bashing of godless Commies, we failed to produce anything as charming and uplifting as Miler’s Krtek.

The series first appeared in 1956 in Soviet Era Prague, it appears to have continued until 2002. The artist is still alive, but does not appear to be currently working on the series.  A loss.

how cute is this?

Although the 1956 episode was narrated ,subsequent episode were not. Like a silent film star, Krtek and his buddies, Rabbit and Hedgehog express themselves through facial/body movements, exclamations, and delightful music, provided by Vadim Petrov.  Miler’s noble intention was for his utopian vision to be available to all children, worldwide.  He succeeded.

Zdenĕk Miler

1921 to present


Thank you Mr. Miler for a delightful Saturday Morning!

Have a great weekend,

Babylon Baroque