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Baby Marie Osborne; Child Star Dead @ 99!

Posted in 20th century, Baby Marie Osborne, Bette Davis, Silent Film on November 18, 2010 by babylonbaroque

I stumbled upon this sad obituary yesterday, Helen Alice Myers known to legions of fans in the early 20th century as Baby Marie Osborne died on the 11th.

I of course was intrigued, the NYT article above does a much finer job then I am capable of, but Baby Marie Osborne was quite the celebrity, earning $1000.00 a week, she was a glamorous little girl.She was best known for role in  the 1916 film  Little Miss Sunshine, but I have had little luck unearthing any clips.

I frankly have had little luck unearthing very much at all. Loads on that OTHER Marie Osborne( the less said the better).

Helen Alice Myers

known as Baby Marie Osborne

b. November 5th 1911

d. November 11th 2010

age 99


Perhaps as a happy substitute I will enclose that OTHER child star, one who aged with less grace, Baby Jane , with the terrifying Bette Davis.

She scared the crap out of this young homo, I have now adapted to her spookiness.


Thank you Miss Myers, I WILL unearth some clips!

With that, Good Night ,

Babylon Baroque