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Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, Reqcuiscat in Pace

Posted in 20th century, 21st Century, Liz Taylor, R.I.P. on March 23, 2011 by babylonbaroque

We knew it was coming, but nonetheless…

She will always hold a special place in my heart, her beauty, her brashness, her talent.

She stuck by her “boys” during the dark hours , that isn’t easily forgotten.

God bless you Elizabeth.

more info


I wish I had posted this for St. Patrick’s Day

More perfection

yet more

We all have a favorite scene, my favorite is the high heel crush from Butterfield 8, one of my favorite films.

Wishing you a safe journey!

Love from Babylon

Just one more, I love this image and couldn’t locate it before.

off into the sunset…

Follow this link and this for more information concerning Miss Taylor.

Henryk Gorecki, Recquiscat in Pace

Posted in 20th century, 21st Century on November 13, 2010 by babylonbaroque

Driving to the gym, I heard on the radio that Henryk Gorecki had died.

I finished my workout, returned to the studio,and spent the afternoon in the company of his haunting music.

He will be missed.

Henryk Gorecki

b. December 6th 1933

d.November 12th 2012

Just a bit of what i have been listening to, the  deeply moving Symphony of Sorrowful Songs.

Thank you Mr. Gorecki

With that,

Good Day,

Babylon Baroque

Me, Me, Me, shameless self promotion

Posted in 21st Century, Fauxology/ Regina Garay on July 23, 2010 by babylonbaroque

In a fit of shameless self promotion, I provide this link to a recent interview of yours truly:

recent interview

Regina Garay ,of the wonderfully informative blog Fauxology, for some unfathomable reason wanted to interview me, my work, and my opinions.

Always self sacrificing and eager to please my public, I agreed, the link is the result.

Thank you Regina!

As tomorrow is my birthday, a lovely gift.

Siegfried, a slow conversion

Posted in 19th cent., 21st Century, Achim Freyer, Arthur Rackham, L.A. Opera, The Ring Cycle on June 14, 2010 by babylonbaroque

My aesthetic journey continues.

I have complained rather ceaselessly about Achim Freyer’s production of Der Ring des Nibelungen.

I might be experiencing a change of heart.

Perhaps it was because the Beloved was able to accompany me to this performance, his optimism is infectious. Perhaps it was the very engaging lecture by Katheryn Syer, professor of musicology, University of Illinois, held this past saturday at LACMA’s Bing auditorium. Perhaps I’m just opening myself to his vision.

John Treleaven as Siegfried

I still have my hesitations, yellow haired, blue skinned anime-esque action figure? Probably not what Wagner had in mind.

But the performance was stirring.

Images taken from the first Ring , 1876

Siegfried front and centre.

I am better able to understand and appreciate Freyer’s vision. It is complete, and at times deeply moving and wondrous.

At times, silly, I cannot fully grasp Fafner as a teeny elfin dragon. My understanding of the dragon slaying scene goes back to childhood with this image.

ca. 1914

With that prejudice in mind,   I am eager to see the final installment, Gotterdammerung.

Until then a few images of Siegfried more in keeping with my usual taste.

A very creepy image by Rackham of the perverse step-dad Mime offering grub to the toddler Siegfried.

A wonderfully romantic image of the handsome Siegfried awakening the beautiful Brunnhilde with a kiss.

ca. 1892

Otto Donner van Richter 1828- 1911

Dear Mad Ludwig would have been truly mad for this, a great scheme for a mural at Neuschwanstein.

So much the sort of image I grew up with. Siegfried discovering his voice.

Same pose.

The Dutch , Jacques Urlus (1887-1935) ca. 1913

Just another typical image, I’ve always been a fan of helmets with dragon/Fafner motifs.

Just a closing image with the original Brunnhilde, Amalie Materna.

Please note that Grane is from Ludwig’s stable.

Such devotion to the cause.

Good Night


Posted in 21st Century, Aesthetic Movement, Street Brilliance on May 30, 2010 by babylonbaroque

I am certainly settling into my new home, the Arts District in Downtown LA. I loved West Hollywood, so lovely and green, but my new home offers such contrast of beauty and grit. I am enchanted beyond measure.

I almost smashed up the faithful Honda when I stumbled upon the following graffito.

Artist: Slay/Asylm

date unknown

First the yallerish green, so Aesthetic Movement, so sickly and lovely. The hints at Japonism, the delicacy, the vibrancy. Street art is alive and well in my new neighborhood, but I consider the following worthy of pilgrimage. Location: 1st , east of  Alameda.

More and more cute boys and girls are sporting carp tattoos at the multiple gyms I frequent. This mural shames the tattoo artist and the paltry flesh he adorns.

As a devout Marian, I was touched by this expressive Theotokis, I am sure the Holy Mother approves.

Ave Maria.

My Beloved

Orange is always a neutral.

Good night.