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Sabbath Chair week 13/Thomas Hope

Posted in 19th cent., chair, Regency, Regency Revival, Thomas Hope on May 30, 2010 by babylonbaroque

My Sabbath chair this week will honor the Christian sabbath.

The following is after a design by the eccentric Classicist  Thomas Hope. Designed in 1802, the height of Neo-Classical fashion, this chair wasn’t made until ’92.

It was well worth the wait.


ca.1807 designed

ca. 1892 made

Thomas Hope


Mahogany with brass inlay

made by Edwards and Roberts, london

Victoria & Albert collection

Based upon a design found in Hope’s classic Household Furniture, 1807, it reflects his distinctive understanding of ancient furnishings. Household Furniture is a must for anyone serious about the decorative arts. It is a dream tour through Hope’s home, collections, tastes and thinking.It is so much more then a folio of pretty furniture, it is a moment  and place captured in elegant line drawings reminiscent of the fashionable Flaxman.

This week’s featured chair has an especially handsome star and palmette decorative scheme rendered in inlaid brass.

I love the foppish Hope, wealthy (Hope diamond a family jewel, dirty pun intended), brash, and with marvelous broad taste. I love how he expressed Egyptian taste, as well as other ancient styles.

I will close with two images of Hope as one just isn’t enough for a man of such grandeur.

oil on canvas 1798

William Beechey (1753-1839)

National Portrait Gallery, London

You have to love a man who dolls up in costume a la Turk to have his portrait painted.

Just one more as the coloring is so much more vulgar, making me happy.

Have a wonderful weekend , take a moment to remember fallen soldiers throughout history.