That Other Gaelic Saint-Brigit of Kildare

As the feast day of St. Patrick is fast approaching , I thought it a good idea to remember that Ireland has not one but three patrons. The familiar Patrick, St. Columba (perhaps another post) and dear Brigit-Brigid-Bridget (feast day Feb.1).

print of the saint by Currier & Ives

I start with this very sentimental image as it is in my own collection of saints. I have owned it for years but for some reason I have never before realized/remembered she was the patroness of Ireland. Reading the NYT the other day, an article concerning an outburst of thefts, holy relics being the target , I was relieved to hear that the “Mary of the Gael’s” jawbone was indeed safe and sound ,only the reliquary was stolen.

Good news I suppose.

Looking up from the paper I began to view my now familiar Bridget with new  sense of appreciation.

Saint Brigit of Kildare

Brigit of Kildare (451-525) is best known as the foundress of a school of art known for its metalwork and illumination. The school is most remembered for the Book of Kildare, now lost to time. We do of course have the familiar Book of Kells, so I will include an illumination of the Madonna and Child essentially because it is lovely.

For more info concerning Brigit, check out this link.

click to enlarge

With that, have a very happy Saint Patricks Day!

Until next time,

take care,

Babylon Baroque

2 Responses to “That Other Gaelic Saint-Brigit of Kildare”

  1. Desiree Says:

    I am interested in talking to you about some of the research you have done on Hugues Sambin and the Renaissance Revival pieces at the Getty etc. I have enjoyed going through your blog but was a bit surprised there is no link to contact you. I have a very unique piece of furniture, said to be an original, hand carved gout rocker done in the 16th century. I have had such a hard time finding information on it and wondered if you could help direct me. Thank you!

    • babylonbaroque Says:

      I’m happy you enjoyed the posts. My email is linked as you respond to a post, so that is the best way to contact me.
      Your piece of furniture sounds interesting , I’m in southern California, not sure where you are, but I would start with a local museum with an established decorative arts department. I’m sure they could lead you to an appraiser of merit.
      I hope that was of some help.
      Take care,

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