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Dame Joan Sutherland, a belated tribute

Posted in 20th century, Joan Sutherland, Opera, Recquiscat in Pace on October 13, 2010 by babylonbaroque

I read yesterday’s paper with a degree of sadness as the esteemed Mr. Tommasini chronicled the passing of the great coloratura soprano Joan Sutherland and  details of her memorable career.

It is a worthy article if you haven’t read it, the link is above.

Recquiscat in Pace

Dame Joan Sutherland

b. 7th November 1926

d. 10th October 2010

“La Stupenda” was my generation’s answer to the great Callas, Joan Sutherland’s death is a loss .

Perhaps best remembered for her thrilling role as the mad Lucia,

I will always love her best as the noble Norma, her “Casta diva ” was thrilling me all of yesterday as I battled Los Angeles traffic.

Thank you dear Joan, we will miss you.


Respectfully submitted,

Babylom Baroque