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a prayer to St. Luke

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I have neglected for so long to send out gratitude to whatever is greater then my humble being.

I thought of no more suitable emissary then dear St. Luke, often palette in hand trying feebly to capture the Holy Mother.

Enclosed is an image of the blessed saint.



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I was recently asked by the LA design firm  Woodson & Rummerfield, to help with the decorative work for their new client, Christina Aguilera. As any star struck citoyen, I was eager to be of service.I was tickled by her taste, high and low references, not all snobbish. Jamie and Ron, principles of Woodson  & Rummerfield ,I knew to have clever and wonderful taste, the experience was further enhanced by working with their assistant Patrick Ediger, a man of broad and intelligent taste.

I was given many tasks, a Neo Gothick frieze in the dining room, a guest bath and bedroom with an Eastern Fantasy motif, even a charming vanity for their new son Max. But the most daunting assignment was a large elaborate, difficult to paint tester for the Grand Master Bedroom. work was to be done in-situ. To add further anxiety, they wanted a spare mod-ish interpretation, tell me to paint scrolls, putti, grotesques, etc, no prob. Geometric form , I tremble.

After calming down, I settled to the task, and thought of other great bedsteads, most notably those by Daniel Marot.

Marot Bedsteads

Of course the result is pared down, but I feel it is fitting for a new monarchy, that of Pop music, please check the spread in the October 09 issue of In Style magazine