The Real Deal, Charles Demuth

Feeling a bit shamefaced by my naiveté concerning the last post, I felt the need to present an actual artist from a period I so admire; Charles Demuth of course comes to mind.

This image still startles me.

Turkish Bath with Self Portrait

Charles Demuth


Really quite extraordinary , the background action a bit shocking.

I was unaware that he was born in Lancaster Pennsylvania, I am hard pressed to imagine this man with his fantastic imagery hailing from such a dour(though attractive) place. The Demuth Museum link provides more details.

Self Portrait



b. 8th of November 1883

d. 23rd of October 1935

Final home, now the Demuth Museum, quite a good looking place.

Buildings, Lancaster


Distinguished Air


The painting I am most familiar with, I assume the sculpture that is being admired is a mock Brancusi.

Three Sailors


I’m sad to say I hesitated including this, I tend towards prudery I’m afraid.

Men at a Bar


I really admire the sense of artificial light captured in the medium of watercolor, no mean feat.

Artist on the Beach at Provincetown




Wishing all a happy weekend,

Babylon Baroque

2 Responses to “The Real Deal, Charles Demuth”

  1. Roger Haapala Says:

    I just discovered this amazing blog today — I love everything about it! Thanks for sharing your knowledge of history and art — as an art historian myself I’m enjoying every post. Many thanks!

    • babylonbaroque Says:

      Dear Roger,
      Thank you for your kind words, I am a mere enthusiast, often fearful of appearing dilettantish . I am pleased you enjoy my posts, I will update more frequently as i am taking the summer off from class.
      Please pop in again,
      Take care,

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