Edward Gorey’s Timeless Dracula

Just last week the New York Times had given a withering review of the latest production of Dracula, having opened at the Little Schubert Theater last Wednesday. I confess I thought the review a bit harsh, but from Mr. Isherwood’s description the production did seem insipid; Isherwood has fine judgement, I take him at his word.

Evidently so did those that matter, for in today’s paper we are informed the curtain has closed.

Isherwood made the point of remembering with fondness that earlier incarnation of the Undead Count, the 1977 Broadway revival of  Hamilton Deane and John Balderstone’s play based upon the Stoker novel which had first opened in 1927.

The  1977 production that so many remember, starred the very dashing Frank Langella ,with costumes and sets by Edward Gorey.

I always loved how Gorey’s magic both enhanced the spookiness and poked fun at our fear.


Frank Langella in the title role


I must say with the passage of time I had forgotten how good looking Langella was, how romantic his interpretation, and the intense charm of Gorey’s design work.


I thank Mr. Isherwood for the reminder.

I confess I never had the chance as a boy to see the Broadway production, but I was able to see Langella in the title role in the 1979 film version. I doubt it compared to the Gorey confection but I was still swept away; I am from New Jersey after all.


Although hardly original ,I close with that bit of Gorey we all  probably know and I dare say, all  love.

Thank you Mr.Gorey

b. 22nd February 1925

d. 15th April 2000

Recquiscat in Pace

2 Responses to “Edward Gorey’s Timeless Dracula”

  1. NYCtheatreboy Says:

    I saw the production and thought it was marvelous, and thought the dashing European actor they got for the lead was fantastic. I also loved Langella, but there is room for many takes on the Count. I did not agree at all with the Times’, or many others’, review. Shame it’s closing, at a time when we need the theatre to be thriving.

    • babylonbaroque Says:

      I’m happy to hear from someone who has actually seen the newest production. As I said I thought the review had seemed harsh. The actors certainly appeared well cast, thank you for your input.
      I tried to focus on Gorey/Langella as I have a fondness for that moment in time .
      As per NYT, just finished a review by Ouroussoff concerning the new Broad museum, again quite withering. Odd because the proposals seem to present an intriguing building ,LA needs significant architecture.
      Thank you,

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