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Patience Please

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I have recently moved , Internet Hell my housewarming. The dreaded Time Warner assures me my service will be restored Sunday.

Eager to post, please stand by.

Babylon Baroque


Good Gothic Revival Shabbos,( a little late), week 8

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Crazy hectic schedule and tax time to boot!

My mania for all things Gothic Revival inspires this weeks offering.

Both revival chairs are from the holdings of my hometown museum, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, both spins on the Gothic, both wonderful.

Gothic Revival Chair

Robert Venturi, born 1925

designed 1979-84,made in U.S. 1984

Bent laminated wood and painted plastic laminate

approx. 41x20x23

This chair in it’s cheery camouflage has been a favorite of mine since youth, it is made by Knoll, and may be one of the few chairs I present that I have an actual chance of owning.

Side Chair

Maker Unknown 1850-70

possibly Philadelphia or New York

Rosewood, rosewood veneer, ash, yellow poplar,cherrywood;brass approx. 46x18x23

A complicated composition in lumber for a pretty conventional side chair. I of course love it, crave it, would upholster it in Venturi pink, but it is a bit dull. I understand the Bloomsbury reaction to all of that stuffy furniture. But again, I wish I had inherited a stash of this horse haired stuff!

Have a great weekend

Fashion Monday

Posted in Uncategorized on March 8, 2010 by babylonbaroque

For no better reason then these dresses are magical.

I know nothing of the designer, apparently by the house of J.P. Worth, late 90’s, aughts? not sure, but they are lovely.

always wild for a bit of Egyptomania

Well this is clearly dated, crazy about her mannerism.

Finally, a little High Church glamour.

Good Night.

Alice in LaLaland

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Can’t wait!

Seven Sacraments of the Holy Roman Church

Posted in Uncategorized on November 25, 2009 by babylonbaroque

I recently completed a very exciting project for an old client.

Ten years ago I had painted a mural depicting the power and fall of the Ancient World.My new commission, to be placed at the opposite end of their Entrance Gallery was to present the Christian World, most particularly the power of the Seven Sacraments. As I love church painting, particularly Counter Reformation painting, I was thrilled.

I was instructed by the client to keep the imagry subtle and symbolic. Allegory would have to be called into play.

As a decorative scheme I decided on a Neo- Renaissance,simple one point perspective design, rather typical backdrop, just sans the Blessed Virgin or St. Catherine.I did manage to squeeze in a few figurative touches by introducing gilded images of the Baptist and St. Therese, the clients Christian names being John and Terri. My feeling was to liberate the design from the first mural which was lush with foliage and romantic ruin and painted in low color key. I wanted this mural to be architectural, ordered, and bright with joyous color, reflecting the splendor of the Church.

As I wanted to respect my clients wish for subtlety, at least subtle for me, I chose Floral Allegory to depict the Sacraments.

The first being Baptism and Communion, depicted by St. John’s shell, and wheat and grape for Communion.

I popped in a little Goldfinch as both the wife and I are from New Jersey and that is our state bird, he also happens to have Steelers colors, a family fave.

For Confirmation I chose a jug of oil, it’s sacredness indicated by a Papal seal, a branch of olive indicates it’s contents.

Penance is symbolized by a branch of thorns to indicate the rigors of penance, the lily represents the purity after.

Marriage is simply a pair of golden rings embellished with birthstones.

Holy Orders, a rather abstract concept, was represented by a sprig of ivy, Victorians chose it’s clinging nature to represent fidelity, the sprig is tangled with the Keys of St. Peter, all at the feet of St. John.

Finally, Last Rites was simply represented by a smoking censor.

I did want to squeeze in a symbol of Christ so I chose the finch, so often seen with the Madonna and Child, I love the tale of the red spot being a drop of the Savior’s Blood, the finch’s habit of picking through thorns further adds to it’s symbolism of the Passion. Here he sits at the feet of St. Therese.

I placed decorative details of rose swags, the wife is of Anglo descent, and pretty little urns reminiscent of my beloved Victorian chromolithographs.

Swag detail.

Urn detail, one of a pair.

Overall, I am pleased with the result, so happy to have had such an unorthodox assignment.

a prayer to St. Luke

Posted in Uncategorized on October 19, 2009 by babylonbaroque

I have neglected for so long to send out gratitude to whatever is greater then my humble being.

I thought of no more suitable emissary then dear St. Luke, often palette in hand trying feebly to capture the Holy Mother.

Enclosed is an image of the blessed saint.



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I was recently asked by the LA design firm  Woodson & Rummerfield, to help with the decorative work for their new client, Christina Aguilera. As any star struck citoyen, I was eager to be of service.I was tickled by her taste, high and low references, not all snobbish. Jamie and Ron, principles of Woodson  & Rummerfield ,I knew to have clever and wonderful taste, the experience was further enhanced by working with their assistant Patrick Ediger, a man of broad and intelligent taste.

I was given many tasks, a Neo Gothick frieze in the dining room, a guest bath and bedroom with an Eastern Fantasy motif, even a charming vanity for their new son Max. But the most daunting assignment was a large elaborate, difficult to paint tester for the Grand Master Bedroom. work was to be done in-situ. To add further anxiety, they wanted a spare mod-ish interpretation, tell me to paint scrolls, putti, grotesques, etc, no prob. Geometric form , I tremble.

After calming down, I settled to the task, and thought of other great bedsteads, most notably those by Daniel Marot.

Marot Bedsteads

Of course the result is pared down, but I feel it is fitting for a new monarchy, that of Pop music, please check the spread in the October 09 issue of In Style magazine