For the Love of Bats

You may have seen this video clip, but I hadn’t until this evening when my dear friend Eleanor emailed  a link , quite large and glorious link I might add.

Alas I am having trouble accessing the larger format, but the enclosed link is still pretty spectacular.

Aside from the sheer breathtaking beauty of  hummingbirds and iridescent bees, the bats are what blew me away. A long time lover of the little winged buggers, the close-ups in this clip are stunning. The mama bat with her kitten (?) is frankly too much. Delightful beyond measure.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Thanks E!

6 Responses to “For the Love of Bats”

  1. That was amazing, imagine it on the big screen!

  2. beautuful photography. incredible.

  3. simon davies Says:

    How curious, my aunt in Pensylvania mailed me this clip this morning and I ran into your blog by accedent this afternoon. I live in sweden and sadly opinions are few and far between about anything, snotty or otherwise!
    I am embarassed to ask but the image of the woman dressed as a bat, who is it. The question makes me feel like a very ill informed homosexual, I have the feeling I should know, it is like asking “who played Dorothy”

    • babylonbaroque Says:

      Hello, happy to hear from Sweden, I’ve heard of the Swedish “chill” from my friend Rosa, a Swede who was raised Columbia, talk about an odd mix.
      I’m from Pennsylvania myself, I’m sure your aunt has her own wonderful encounters with bats, I am just crazy for the little buggers, I have a taxidermied bat on my desk.

      As per the bat lady, it’s Mae West, I fear your not being familiar with her may be generational, I’m an old (50)gay man. You might be younger than that, and I may be sadly showing my age. You should search her out, she is a marvelous comedic film actress, from the 30-40’s ( i believe). Funny, pretty, and risqué, I’m sure you will love her. Please stop by again.

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