Farewell Los Angeles

In a few days LA will be a memory, we ship out on the 21st.

I am feeling ambivalent, LA has never been a good fit.

That said I have made many fine friends, I will treasure the memories. The following is a scrap-book of fond remembrances:

My  view will be missed,

I will miss the drama of my apartment.

Nature has been elusive, but I have had a few random encounters.

Although, this tends to be the norm.

I have wonderful memories of the Getty Center, a marvel of a place,

here with my sister Kat and niece Grace, visiting from Philly.

We married in LA, our tiny West Hollywood condo, gotta love that,

making it legal, July 3rd 2008,

a very sleepy Flower-Pug, Daisy

There are of course many sights that I will miss, the beautiful Grauman’s Chinese.

I only visited once, saw something forgettable, BUT the interior, that will not be forgotten.

China Town, although modest in size, is not without its charms.

One of the most dazzling places is the Los Angeles theater, Queen of the faded Broadway beauties.

Difficult to speak of LA without mentioning Street Art,

Regarding the Blessed Virgin, the Cathedral is always worth a visit.

An obvious delight is the Getty Villa in Malibu,

the husband enthroned.

A less obvious palace of delight is the Clark Library in Downtown, a wonder of wonders,

ceiling decorations that are as subtle as a train wreck,

the grounds are a delight particularly given the bustle and grit that surrounds this sanctuary.

Far removed from poverty and grime, the Huntington with its impressive collection of Anglo portraiture and stunning gardens stands aloof and gorgeous in Pasadena.

Always the right choice to spend an afternoon wandering about.

My favorite Sunday jog is up Runyon Canyon, spectacular views of the city and nearly naked flesh.

I have grown incredibly fond of LACMA, I now consider it “my” museum.

I have grown to know the collection, I will perhaps miss this most of all.

Quite simply my favorite painting in LA, Guido Reni’s Bacchus and Ariadne, the placement is particularly handsome.

As I will begin the tedious task of packing up, I will most likely not be making many posts until the new year.

Wishing my readers a very joyous holiday season until that time.

Take care, Babylon Baroque

8 Responses to “Farewell Los Angeles”

  1. you’re leaving??!! 😦 we’ll miss you.. but wherever you may travel, may you have many putti strewing your path with rose petals!

  2. Change is in the air—how exciting! Wishing you the best blessings for this transitional period and ever after. XOXOX

  3. babylonbaroque Says:

    thank you my friend!

  4. I’ve not been to your blog in sometime, however, I saw that you were moving on but thankfully, not moving away! I shall be in touch via email with some images and a few other items I promised. Best to you and yours for the New Year. I look forward to getting “caught up” on your site.


    • babylonbaroque Says:

      Great to hear from you.I fear I have been negligent concerning fresh posts, I have just moved, so much to deal with.Hope to post soon as the dust settles!

  5. Oh damn, I missed this post in the gallop to Christmas as we prepared to leave for France.

    A beautiful tribute to the city and your time in it Leonard. Now journey safely.

    • babylonbaroque Says:

      Oh please, pop in when ever, I too have not been “up” on my favorite blogs, your own included. I did capture briefly, from my phone, your marvelous images of Christmas in France. Envy is a terrible sin, a special place is reserved for me in the fiery green pit.
      so lovely, you must have enjoyed yourself, how could you not???.

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