Remembrance of a Dark Day

Another year, another remembrance of that dark October noonday in which Marie Antoinette lost her head. A blow to Catholic monarchy, but a deeper blow to humanity; man’s brute ruthlessness exhibited its might.

I won’t bore my readers with my oft repeated monarchist drivel, I will instead commemorate her sad day with a few images.

Marie Antoinette, Queen of France

anonymous artist, engraving, 18th cent.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

b. 2nd November 1755

d.16th October 1793, 12:15 pm

Recquiscat in Pace 

Plaque of Marie Antoinette

Josia Wedgewood and Sons


Victoria and Albert Museum

For quite some time I had been in the habit of featuring a chair, often once a week. I haven’t for some time, but this beauty popped up and I could not resist, as it was made for her most holy highness.


Maker Jean Baptiste Claude Sené


Victoria and Albert Museum

print after work by Jean Baptiste-Andre Gautier-Dagony



I thought I would close with this recording of Stabat Mater by Vivaldi, it is very beautiful and felt fitting.

Recquiscat in Pace dear Queen.

Until next,

take care,

Babylon Baroque


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