On a personal note, a fellow(s) and his dogs

For my Facebook friends, pardon the redundancy, but for my other readers, just a little snippet of my personal life. I live in a dog friendly neighborhood, so much so that my neighbor, the photographer Scott Witter  has put together a series entitled Dog People. My daily walks with the four beasts , two carried about in a flamboyant John Deere wagon aroused Scott’s attention. He graciously asked us to be part of his series. We of course were tickled, the result follows.

photograph by Scott Witter

Family Portrait

The Better Half, buddy the daschund, Rose the tripod  pug-dog, Speck, the most perfect chihuahua, and Viola the pug-dog


click on image to enlarge

Arts district , Los Angeles Not only was Scott gracious enough to include our little family in his project, he named us “Dog People of the Day”, blog post follows.

Thank you Scott!


10 Responses to “On a personal note, a fellow(s) and his dogs”

  1. MizLottie Says:

    I had a doxie called Buddy too! He was the very best dog we ever had, a total sweetie. This pic made me smile, thanks!

    • babylonbaroque Says:

      Oh, I’m pleased, my Buddy is now 16, a bit grumpy, a bit daft, but often sweet when he isn’t taking a nip out of me…
      Take care,

  2. Leonard/David: Great pictures of the family….you both look fine, but it is the ‘pooches’ that are the stars…Very charming in their little wagon…Dan K.

  3. That’s very dear. With all their sweet little heads peering over the edge. It looks like a glove-puppet show! (-;

  4. babylonbaroque Says:

    They do indeed.

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