A celestial Saint Valentine bouquet to my readers

My friends on Facebook must endure many seasonal images, I pick a theme, often holiday based, then produce a daily image.

I’m sure I try the patience of many a kind soul, they tactfully refrain from mentioning it. I appreciate  the indulgence.

As this is the season of love, the theme was of course putti.If you can handle sweetness, sometimes cloying, I hope you  will enjoy this offering.

The first being the last, I will post this image of Boucher’s Three Putti with Birds tomorrow. As is the case with romantic painters such as Francois, you either love his work or cannot abide it, I of course delight in its rosiness.


Three Putti with Birds

Francois Boucher


Putti of the Trabaetion



Angel with a Crown of Thorns



Bacchanal of Putti



Cupid with Butterfly



misc. tchotchkes

19th cent., Italian


unidentified, and for some reason incompatible with wordpress


design for girandole



Three angels Appearing to abraham



Three Cupids Playing Instruments



“I Wait”



Winged Man



Vase, 1867



decorative panel


As it is Saint Valentine’s Eve, I am neglecting the Beloved, who is getting increasingly cranky.

I must depart dear Reader.

Take care and have a romantic day!

Respectfully submitted,



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