Happyland in Babylon

After a rather awful bout of sadness concerning the loss of my dear pug-dog Daisy, good cheer is quite welcome.

I have multiple reasons to feel heartened.

First and foremost, I thank my readers for offering their support and sympathy, it really warmed my heart.

Secondly my friend Mr. BlueHaunt of the marvelous Haunted Lamp nominated me for  a Stylish Blogger Award,

Haunted Lamp is quite a smart site, you must  check it out; I fear my own site to be less smart, but  I am flattered.

The rule such as they are entail thanking the kind blogger who suggested your site, thank you Mr. Bluehaunt.

Describe 7 things about yourself:unfortunately I’m not as interesting as what I post about.

I am a housebound spouse, married(15plus years) to quite a generous soul who takes  marvelous care of me. I am attending school for the first time after having spent a lifetime gamely trying to understand the greater world. I live for my dogs, I have four which is madness. I would like to think myself a painter but harbor terrible fears I may only be a dilettante.

Thus I blog…

One must award 10 other bloggers, which seems a bit much, I will nominate 5 I enjoy, but please check my blogroll for a broader sampling. I would also like to suggest two other blogs who have already received recognitions,  The Textile Blog ,The Great Within and Porcelains and Peacocks.

In no particular order, I suggest you check out:

Academic Nudes of the 19th Century, you can gaze upon fleshy pulchritude without shame.

2 the Walls, marvelous , smart, odd.

The Fin de Siècle, as the title suggests, but so much more, a treasure.

Tea at Trianon, a monarchist’s delight, a wise authoress, a marvelous site .

Strange Flowers, a hothouse of wonder, peek in, breathe deeply.

One must contact those who have been nominated, I will do so as soon as the stresses of the day have passed ( wine might help).

Such is the world of Stylish Bloggers!

Another great joy in my life is the addition of 2 little love bugs, Holly and Rose.

Both pug-dogs saved from the horrors of dog meat markets in South Korea, PLEASe consider signing the petition to Stop Killing the Dogs.My attachment to the little buggers has only confirmed my resolve to abstain from flesh.

Before I get all preachy, please check out the little love bugs.

Holly née Bora (purple in Korean)

The most darling little critter , full of piss ( a bit too much I’m afraid) and vinegar.

Rose, née Cory

Rose is a tripod, but please don’t let her know that!

Adoption Day

the author, top step , with Holly and Speck.

The Beloved with Rose and Buddy.

Quite a joyful day, thank you Happy Angels Rescue.

Once again, thanks for the kind words concerning Daisy, although she will never be replaced we have been offered a new opportunity to love and be loved.

I enclose a little clip of laundry day in Babylon, I lead such a glamorous life!


good night,


Post Script, my divine friend Madame Pamita who has recently introduced me to the delightful movie The Great Race reminded me of the delightful pug scene, any pug looney must check it out!

Once again, Good Night,



12 Responses to “Happyland in Babylon”

  1. TWO?! I *love* that you’re the male/dog equivalent of a crazy cat lady (minus the crazy)!

    You are destined to be the heir to the throne of Pottsdorf, surrounded by pugs and calling for “Bran-DY!”

    You can practice by studying this video particularly at 8 min 30 sec.

    congratulations on your latest accolade! See.. ascending the throne can’t be far off!

    • oops – here’s the study guide:

      • babylonbaroque Says:

        I didn’t tell you how how wild we are for that movie, since it is now a permanent addition to our library, you and your Dandy must come to court, the pugs await, always eager to see their brethren on the silver screen!

    • babylonbaroque Says:

      No I am mad, particularly when walking them, but given Rose only has three legs it doesn’t quite count as two dogs.
      I feel as if I have already ascended to the throne, particularly when all four scramble for our laps, until we meet again…

  2. Congratulations! And thank you for rescuing them! They’re adooooorable!! Only a pug…..we keep saying that….only a pug!

  3. Congratulations on the new additions. They are adorable.

  4. what a fantastic blog! 2thewalls is a regular read for me….

    all the best,
    david john
    los angeles

    • babylonbaroque Says:

      2 the Walls is quite a marvel.
      I’m pleased you like my little daubs,please keep checking in, please keep posting comments!
      Leonard @ babylonbaroque

  5. Hyesook Kim Says:

    Thank you for your huge love for Rosie and Holly. ^^

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