Daisy, an ode to joy

I lost my beloved pug -dog Daisy early Friday morning, her death was very unexpected, the angel of death struck swiftly.

I ask for my readers’ indulgence as this post will for the most part be self serving; to honor Daisy’s memory, alleviate some of the grief, and to spread the joy Daisy possessed in abundance.

I would understand perfectly if you passed over this post, but I hope you do not.

Daisy née Savannah

b. 1st of January 2004

d. 14th of January 2011, around 8:30 am

Recquiscat in Pace little girl.

Daisy entered our life when we were living in Ft.Lauderdale, the Beloved wanted a pug, I was quite content being a one pup household, Speck(aka Gooch) the adorable chihuahua brought enough joy.

Thankfully the Better Half insisted.

We located a young pup, through the  Miami based Compassionate Pug Rescue, she was  nine months old, full of vigor, and possessing this ridiculous tongue. You had to laugh.

She made quite a splash, literally, upon first meeting us, she darted outside and jumped directly into the pool. We were aghast, I jumped in fully dressed, and rescued her. I think my “valor” impressed the adoption agent, I for one was hooked on Daisy.

Daisy Pup

about 9 months old

Daisy came with the name Savannah which we did not think fitting, we easily changed the name.

Daisy also came with epilepsy, less easy to remedy.

Soon after adoption she suffered a series of seizures. Although spooky, she recovered quickly from them, seemingly oblivious to what had just happened. We tinkered with a variety of treatments, starting off with phenobarbital, which proved unsatisfactory. Our wise veterinarian suggested we give old fashioned potassium bromide a try, it was proving to be an effective treatment for epilepsy with little side effects; fortunately Daisy proved to be a successful candidate, we hadn’t experienced a seizure until her final day.

Thank you Dr.Cox.

Our seven years with Daisy were a joy, she had many moods, and aside from greed and envy, all positive:

she was playful,




and often quite lazy, being so charming was apparently quite exhausting,

We of course adored them all, even when she was naughty.

Daisy was my loyal studio companion, providing charming (if sleepy) company,

and ultimately inspiration,


oil on canvas


by the author

Daisy was not the sporty type, not given to exercise. Her notion of a hike was being carried up Runyon Canyon. Speck the chihuahua adores a good hike, Daisy preferred a nice lounge in the shade.

the author with Daisy, Speck and Buddy (off camera)

Runyon Canyon

June 2007

Aside from napping,

Daisy was quite the sport in dressing up, she may not have enjoyed the outfits, but she certainly relished the attention.


Halloween 2008

We were officially married during that brief window of opportunity,  pre Prop 8.

Daisy was of course part of the celebration. Acting as  our hostess/flower girl, she adored having the  crowd of friends and family  in our little West Hollywood condo; she had captive  fans to charm and seduce.

Ultimately all that seduction proved exhausting.

July 3rd 2008

When we moved to downtown LA, Daisy and the boys settled right in, trading in happy green West Hollywood grass for doggie park astro turf.

They didn’t seem to mind,, home was where we were.

That’s why I love dogs.

Daisy, Speck/Gooch (left), Buddy (right)

Sept 2010

I couldn’t have imagined that this would have been her last birthday, frankly I almost forgot. Thankfully I was reminded, and we gave Daisy extra fussing ( and I confess filet mignon).

Daisy the birthday clown.

January 1st 2011

7 years old.

That image frankly breaks my heart, if I had known…

fortunately my new phone has a handy recording device, I plan to more diligently secure memories for the future.

Daisy’s absence has reduced our little family, when our beautiful Manx Moses died in early December we became acutely aware of how loud the sound of  absence is.

Like Moses, Daisy haunts our home and hearts.

Fortunately we have dear Antigone our little calico, and Speck  and Buddy to help heal our grief.

Buddy and Speck

Although Daisy’s little torch of life has been extinguished her memory continues to tickle us with joy, granted right now through a veil of tears.

We will adopt again, most likely another pug, there is a local pug rescue, Happy Ending ; when it is appropriate we will meet another little pug. In addition to soothing our hearts, adopting another will honor Daisy’s generous spirit.

We want to consider another “special needs” pug.

I will close with silliness, as Daisy was the mistress of silliness.

I appreciate your indulgence.

Respectfully submitted,

Leonard @ babylonbaroque

44 Responses to “Daisy, an ode to joy”

  1. Thank you for your “Ode to Joy”….touching, funny and lovingly written. Our pets are family members, and they deserve a requiem such as this. I’m sorry for your loss.

  2. She was adorable… Losing a pet is always terrible… 😦

  3. chris kennedy Says:

    Poignant. Sorry for your loss.

  4. Dearest Love Len,

    I can’t thank you enough for your loving tribute to our little princess. I miss her, and your tribute captures the contours of her commanding ‘little’ presence.


  5. I was so moved by this, charmed by Daisy in this wonderful tribute. For your post I can see she was a light, a beacon of delight to everyone. My condolences to you and yours.

  6. I like best Daisy with the bat wings, there is something so Fin de siècle about it. It is wonderful that she was a rescue Pug with special needs; I have had many feral cats and I think these animals that many avoid or discard have a unique loving nature.

    • babylonbaroque Says:

      Dear Kendra,
      I too love Daisy best with bat wings, but I love everything best with bat wings.
      She reminded me of the Divine Sarah’s inkwell when she pranced about in those wings

      We were tempted to perhaps go the breeder route, acquiring a “specimen”pug, but that goes against everything I/we hold true and decent.
      Daisy was a specimen of pure joy, i hope our next pug has those same atributes.
      Take care friend,

  7. Pamela Greco Says:

    Hello Len and Dave,
    We too have fund memories of Daisy, as well as, the recently departed Moses. She was a perfect hostess/flower girl on the day you were married. She circulated among the guest with spontaneity being certain that every ones presence was acknowledged. No partiality to any particular guest. She just flaunted the honor bestowed upon her of being the official hostess.
    On any ordinary day EVERYONE knew “that what Daisy wants Daisy gets”. She would flirt, tease or cajole her way into the center of attention. She would wiggle and nudge her way into any setting she wanted ~ pushing aside any sibling who was in the way.
    Although Moses was on the quiet side we are sure if pets could talk he would join Daisy in saying “Thank you for making are lives SO WONDERFUL and making us feel so VERY VERY LOVED”.
    Any pet who lands in your home is truly fortunate.
    They have made a lasting impression on us. And Daisy’s antics will long be remembered.
    Love Always,
    Mom and Pamela

  8. I had forgotten about her # 1 anatomical characteristic, the tongue. What a cool dog…

  9. […] I have had many feral cats and I think these animals that many avoid or discard have a … bat fin – Google Blog Search Share and […]

  10. I’m so sorry! Our darling Pug died just over 7 years ago (he was 14 1/2) and I remember the day as if it were yesterday. Four months later we brought home Taj, a Pug/King Charles Cavalier (although he is 99% Pug!). I know exactly how you’re feeling; yes, you must bring another little orphan Pug home! It would also help Buddy and Speck with their loss.

    • babylonbaroque Says:

      Thank you,
      Give Taj a hearty hello for me, I’m happy to hear he is 99% pug, which means mad as a hatter:)
      Take care,
      Leonard @Babylonbaroque

  11. Robert Keffer Says:

    There is nothing more painful in life that losing a dog – nothing. My heart goes out to you. I know your late dog will want you to adopt another one, when you are ready

    • babylonbaroque Says:

      Thank you, I appreciate your kind words. Having written this little memorial to dear Daisy has certainly helped; the warm support from so many folks, deeply touching.

  12. I am so sorry. I know the pain of losing a dog. For me, it was more painful than most of the people I have lost. In this rough time, focus on the joy, special moments, and unique eccentricities that defined her. I found those type of thoughts gave me some comfort in my grieving…. XO

    • babylonbaroque Says:

      I happen to agree, I have had a few losses of the human sort, but not of immediate intimacy;Daisy was a very integral part of my day to day life.
      I will take your advice and focus on her oddball quirks, which she had plenty of.
      Nice to hear from you, take care,

  13. Your little family has suffered much loss this year and my heart breaks for you. Daisy had such a precious, loving, silly little spirit – I was so moved by your tribute, thank you for sharing it. She has traded her adorable bat wings for angel wings, surely working it to her every advantage.
    Love you,

  14. Rosa Lindahl Says:

    Oh, sweet friend. I am sitting here weeping for you and laughing with that silly, magnificent little girl. This is a beautiful post and I am so glad to have you as a friend. Hug the beloved and love on your pooches and kitties for me, Sherod and Maria. Will call when I get back from Panama. Much love…Rosa

  15. Jonathan Fong Says:

    What a wonderful tribute. You and David gave her a wonderful life, and she touched (and licked) everyone she met. Losing a dog is so hard; they depend so much on us. Our hearts are linked, our souls really. Daisy was an uncommon dog; she was especially a part of you, and she always will be. I will miss her.

    • babylonbaroque Says:

      Thank you Jonathan, that means a lot, she loved you and Greg, always got extra wild-crazy when she saw you.
      And yes, i think Daisy’s little spirit lingers with me, if in memory alone.

  16. Edward Dean Says:

    I feel like I knew Daisy. Thank you. I’m a proud papa of two pugs (Bosco & Max) and they’ve given me many smiles over the years.

    • babylonbaroque Says:

      Oh I’m pleased, she was a love-bug, she would have loved to meet you herself. Give my best to Roscoe and Max.
      Take care,

  17. i am sooo sorry. Thank you for the pictures. She looks like she was a joyful spirit.

  18. Leonard I am so sorry to hear about your loss. From your post, Daisy was a wonderful dog. Thank you for sharing about her and the wonderful pics of her!

    Best, Kelly

  19. Leonard,
    My heart goes out to you and your beloved. We’ve lost little loved ones as well and we find comfort in wonderful memories. They bring (and still do, when we reminisce — which is often) so much joy. What a touching tribute for a beautiful Daisy.
    – Regina

    • babylonbaroque Says:

      Thank you Regina,
      I’m happy that my memories of Daisy are mostly of silly moments;she only had a rough patch at the end, her life was pretty carefree .
      Take care and always good to hear from you,

  20. Great friends of our have a little dog who’s very near dying. They are so upset and anxious. I think this post will help me say the right things at the right pace. Thank you.

    • babylonbaroque Says:

      I’m so very happy that my words can offer solace, quite flattering.
      Take care,
      Leonard @ babylonbaroque

  21. The only comfort on losing a loved pet is knowing she had the greatest life any animal could and that she was happy. So hard to see them go. Why don’t dogs and cats live as long as we do?

  22. Hyesook Kim Says:

    Your Daisy really resembles ‘Luce’ my fostering pug!

    I know Daisy is cuttier than Luce.
    She was a really angel~

  23. […] opportunity after she died. To see the painting and more very funny pictures of Daisy follow this memorial link I made shortly after her […]

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