Recquiscat in Pace Lady Tee

Driving home from holiday festivities with the Beloved’s family, I was deeply saddened to hear Teena Marie had passed on.

An early crush, most likely the coolest white lady ever, she  will be missed .

Glamour Princess Mary Christine Brockert

aka Teena Maria, Lady Tee

Lady Tee gave me instant credibilty, when as a young white suburban homo- boy working in a downtown Trenton N.J. cut-rate shoe store ,  I professed my love  for Lady Tee. Because of her talent,and perhaps her relationship with Rick James, there was an instant bond between the “cracker-fag” and my co-workers, primarily urban African American fellows.

Thank you Lady Tee.

And thank you for the music, I loved you.

More info concerning dear Lady Tee, NY Times

Respectfully submitted,



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