A Trip to the Moon

In anticipation of the upcoming full moon, 10 hours or so from now GMT, I thought a continuation of Méliès was in order. His masterwork La Voyage dans la Lune a perfect theme.


It is an intensely charming film. I have heard that Thomas Edison bootlegged the film, denying Méliès proper compensation.

My sources are conflicted as I  had also heard Edison  bootlegged another  Méliès  film La Manoir du diable (source).

Whichever,shame on Mr. Edison.

A Trip To The Moon


Thank you Georges!

Georges Méliès

b. Dec. 8th 1861

d. Jan, 21st 1938

I thought it would be fun to contrast Méliès’ fanciful version of a trip to the moon to the actual drab reality.

Moon Landing July 20th 1969

Apollo 11 landing

Buzz Aldrin



For fascinating stills such as the following of La Voyage dans la Lune I suggest you follow this link.

I love this scene, the rocket ship soon to crash the aquatic calm. Like a giant aquarium.

Enjoy the full moon!

Respectfully submitted,

Babylon Baroque

5 Responses to “A Trip to the Moon”

  1. The band ‘Smashing Pumpkins’ did a homage to this film for their single “Tonight” some years ago. If you ever get the chance to see it I’m sure you will be charmed!

  2. Thanks, I will look into it. I must confess I am unfamiliar with Smashing Pumpkins, look forward to two new treasures!

  3. Unfamiliar with the Smashing Pumpkins? Oh dear!

  4. now you make me feel worse

  5. Not to worry. They were one of those bands you were into if you were arty and alternative, when such a state existed. You were probably deliriously happy when the rest of us were deliriously miserable.

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