Hobgoblins, Imps and Wizards, the magical world of Georges Melies

I adore this season, I am given full indulgence in expressing my passion for hairy little devils, green imps, and dancing skeletons.

Clearly my beloved Georges Méliès shared this passion as his films are chock-a-block with frantic little monsters.

(unrelated but charming little fellow)

The following clip , the magical moment of la danse de feu, a little over a minute, is intensely charming.

La Danse de Feu

the Pillar of Fire


I know you are busy, but PLEASE take a moment and savor Méliè’s genius.

The Master

Georges Méliès

b. Dec. 8th 1861

d. Jan. 21st 1936

You have to love a fellow willing to photograph his beloved wife a la guillotine.

Jeanne d’Alcy



More devilish magic

La Diable Noir

The Black Imp


a little cinematic wizardry…

La Lune A Un Metre

The Astronomer’s Dream



Just wondrous!

The spooky munching moon is just too much.

I love the Diana character.

I’ll leave you with my own little hobgoblin.

Miss Daisy

Good Evening

Respectfully submitted,

Babylon Baroque



14 Responses to “Hobgoblins, Imps and Wizards, the magical world of Georges Melies”

  1. Oh, I have always loved Melies!

    Doesn’t it look like snippet of La Danse de Feu is on the Edison’s website (with different music)? http://www.edisondowntown.com/main.htm

  2. it does, but not sure if it is the same clip…

  3. Miss Daisy is a perfect Halloween treat!

  4. You have to admire a fellow’s wife participating! Miss Daisy is a dear little devil; does her tongue hang out all the time? She’s nearly as fat as our little puggy!

    • Daisy’s tongue is catching the breeze until it dries out.
      The dear thing is quite a clown.
      She sends greeting to her fellow pugs.
      And yes to the wifey, she seems to have appeared in many of Melies’ films,

  5. I adore Méliès, but I’ll bet you could have guessed that!

    His vision was so cutting edge that it still seems bizarre and fresh 100+ years later. THAT is no small feat.

    Love, love, love the frame-by-frame hand colorization. I need to do a new movie with a Méliès feel, I think.

    Are you taking Miss Daisy out for trick-or-doggie treat?

    • Once again we share the same taste.
      When you do a film, i want to do the sets, Méliès’ sets drive me mad!
      I want to build furniture like that…
      Daisy will go trick or treating with Madame Pamita 🙂

      • You will also have to play the part of the devil and Miss Daisy can be your little mischief making imp!

        I would love to do a Méliès homage. Let’s brainstorm sometime!

  6. Sounds perfect!, I love wearing red, and Daisy loves attention…

  7. Interesting collection of early movie effects and quite advanced for the period. However, I am a little puzzled as to why they were dealing with science based adventures, while wearing wizard hats.

  8. Curious, but the big dipper is portrayed as a bevy of starry eyed beauties. Frankly it is science I can relate to.

  9. What a fantastic site! I have only just begun to explore it.

    I wish I could insert a picture here of the Realm of Glass from the Thief of Bagdad (sic) 1924, Douglas Fairbanks Sr. I was reminded of it when I saw the underwater shot from Melies. At least I think it was in Melies as I can’t seem to find it again.

    IS there a way to send you a picture?

    I’m very new to computers and do very little surfing or browsing or whatever it’s called. But I’ll definitely be back here.

    • babylonbaroque Says:

      Thank you, I’m pleased you like the blog, please do visit again.
      If you subscribe to my blog, it will link you to my contact info, the image you wish to share can be forwarded in that manner.
      I look forward to seeing it.
      Thanks and take care,
      Babylon Baroque

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