Me, Me, Me, shameless self promotion

In a fit of shameless self promotion, I provide this link to a recent interview of yours truly:

recent interview

Regina Garay ,of the wonderfully informative blog Fauxology, for some unfathomable reason wanted to interview me, my work, and my opinions.

Always self sacrificing and eager to please my public, I agreed, the link is the result.

Thank you Regina!

As tomorrow is my birthday, a lovely gift.

5 Responses to “Me, Me, Me, shameless self promotion”

  1. Happy Birthday! You must be in bloggers’ thoughts as I mentioned you in my last posting about my favorite childhood books. I love the interview and of course agree with you concerning Whistler. Best, Kendra

  2. Very happy birthday! Doesn’t time fly. At this rate you’ll soon be in your fortiies, heaven forbid. A really excellent photograph by the way, the socks are a good touch.

  3. Beverly Says:

    Len, Happy birthday to you. My BD is July 6th. The artwork on this blog is beautiful and I really enjoyed looking at it. Great picture of you.


  4. It was my pleasure to interview you — an outstanding artisan with beautiful wit. Thank you for the mention!

  5. P.S. Loved the socks!

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