Bastille Day, a dark cloud overhead.

France may celebrate this day, the anniversary of the storming of  the Bastille, July 14th 1789; but for this particular Monarchist smug and snug in the States, it is a dark day.

I can only imagine the anxiety Louis felt when he realized that the unthinkable had begun, did he try to hide the reality from the Queen, how long did they cling to denial. I read the sad, sad tale over and over, always hoping it will end differently. Hoping that their get-away carriage will at last bring them to safety, but like Violetta in La Traviata, there is never a happy ending.

In that spirit I put together this little daub, a watercolor play on the famous portrait of the Queen by Le Brun, I pretentiously titled it “The Death of Monarchy”.

don’t snicker when you see the Le Brun.

Maria Antoinette a la Rose (aged 28)

b. November 2nd 1755

d. October 16th 1793

12:15 p.m.

painted by  Louise Elizabeth Vigee le Brun, a loyal friend to the Queen

I can only view this day as a day of foreboding , the scandalous images that surrounded the Queen, the humiliation the King had to endure, this day was the beginning of the Terror.

I prefer to remember them like this :

Louis XVI

b. August 23rd 1754

d. January 21st 1793

by Antoine Francois Callet

Soon enough poor Louis would meet his fate in ’93.

and the traitorous David would make one last sketch of the blessed Queen, later that year.

Happy Bastille Day

monument to Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette

Saint Denis Basilica


9 Responses to “Bastille Day, a dark cloud overhead.”

  1. Socrates Demetrius II Says:

    Dear Axel,
    Just heartbreaking….what the danger of the ignorant masses did to the King and Queen.
    It’s a sadness I can never loose….

  2. I always feel deep sadness on this day; for the next 25 years thousands of innocent French People and Europeans would die due to the evil cabal of the First French Republic and then the usurper Napoleon.May Their Most Christian Majesties and all the innocents who perished be at peace with God.

  3. babylonbaroque Says:

    Yes Lara, we lost the last of the Defenders of the Faith, a sad sad day. But remember, Napoleon for all of his flaws, was much more moderate, even opening Saint Denis in 1806. I am no fan, but he was a significant improvement from the Hell that had been let loose.
    Have a good weekend.

  4. I guess I see your point; Napoleon was not Danton, Saint Just or Robespierre. Yet, when one thinks of the French Soldiers and the thousands of European Soldiers that were butchered for his ego and love of conquest; it is a sea of blood and carnage. The good King, Louis XVI was murdered and the real murderer of Europe, Napoleon lived on until his exile. Amazing!!

  5. I really think that the King and Queen of France were completely out of touch with their people… As such, given the terrible conditions and poverty of the vast majority of the common people and the horrendous corruption of the aristocracy, they pretty much reaped what they had sewn. However, the upper classes eventually got their comeuppance as well. Here’s hoping that the same thing comes about in the not too terribly distant future… The corruption in government and the fact that the richest 1% have 95% of the wealth indicate it is TIME for a change!!!

    • babylonbaroque Says:

      I’ve said it before , it takes a lot for a people to overthrow their King, that said, the French Revolution was heartless, bloody and I believe evil. I pray such a revolution never occurs again.
      Thanks for commenting,

  6. Amazing pictures. A very tragic couple. As a devoted francophile ,I applaud you.

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