I am certainly settling into my new home, the Arts District in Downtown LA. I loved West Hollywood, so lovely and green, but my new home offers such contrast of beauty and grit. I am enchanted beyond measure.

I almost smashed up the faithful Honda when I stumbled upon the following graffito.

Artist: Slay/Asylm

date unknown

First the yallerish green, so Aesthetic Movement, so sickly and lovely. The hints at Japonism, the delicacy, the vibrancy. Street art is alive and well in my new neighborhood, but I consider the following worthy of pilgrimage. Location: 1st , east of  Alameda.

More and more cute boys and girls are sporting carp tattoos at the multiple gyms I frequent. This mural shames the tattoo artist and the paltry flesh he adorns.

As a devout Marian, I was touched by this expressive Theotokis, I am sure the Holy Mother approves.

Ave Maria.

My Beloved

Orange is always a neutral.

Good night.


One Response to “Babylon BAROQUE”

  1. Jim Rothgeb Says:

    I sure enjoyed seeing these scenes along with your insightful comments, of course the cute boy certainly adds.

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