Crystal Palace Park Ruins

Degraded beauty always haunts.

I have a recurring dream, it  is a wonderland of fragmented sculpture, ready for me to lug home.  The following illustrates that dream.

apparently after long neglect, the ruined Park sculpture was gathered into storage, sometime in the 70’s. I love the contrast of the chain link with fair Andromeda, she just can’t shake her shackles.

Undated, sometime after the fire.

Undated, sometime before the fire. It’s prettier all weed filled.

Venus in vines.

4 Responses to “Crystal Palace Park Ruins”

  1. Hello – I’ve just found you through Porcelain and Peacocks and what a delight! These are haunting pictures. The Crystal Palace itself was an image of wonder and sense of loss for me when I first learned of it as a little girl of 7 or 8. I understood later about the athlete dying young! I’m looking forward to reading your posts regularly.

    • babylonbaroque Says:

      Thank you,
      I enjoy posting objects of affection and obsession.I have just moved,domestic chaos reigns, but soon I will post again, hopefully tomorrow.Please keep reading,

  2. I have tagged you on my blog for The Beautiful Blogger Award.

    Kind regards,

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