Yet another dress for Grace/ “Four Leaf Clover”, Chas. James

I just finished a collaboration with the LA design duo, Woodson &Rummerfield, the theme being “Auntie Mame”. It is part of the Legends of La Cienaga event to be held this week here in LA. It is a decorative mural inspired by the Mame set, it’s in the window at Baker, please check it and the fabulous room out.

So not only was I looking for a dress to please my niece, I also wanted to satisfy the demands of dear Mame.

I think Mame would love this bit of brilliance by Charles James.

“Four Leaf Clover”Dress



Charles James (American, born Great Britain, 1906-1978)

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Really, it’s just a simple little cotton summer frock, so perfect with daisies and chilled jug white.

A bit of summertime magic.

Thanks Mr. James.

Post Script: Just a sample of the sketchy brushwork depicting Mame’s set.


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