Gracie you up? a gown for Grace

Putting off my homework assignment for the upteenth time, I stumbled upon this extravaganza. Any 3  and a half year old should love this architectural wonder.

Evening Dress



who knows


Metropolitan Museum of Art

I am so eager to return home and rush over to the Met, Grace in tow. She will flip for the finery, until then pretty pictures must suffice.

Hell,when I was her age, crappy art books , with teeny black and white images of Boucher, Botticelli, and sexy Greek vases, delighted my eye and groomed my taste .

I think this heavily upholstered sofa, I mean dress, will tickle dear Grace, I hope so.

So she has an idea of how something like this was worn, I include an under-structure, different type of construction, but the same perverse contraption of wire, cane, and whalebone.

Good night Grace


One Response to “Gracie you up? a gown for Grace”

  1. Grace’s response: “Wow! I love it! I want it! Momma, do you have money?” LOL!
    But she says she won’t wear the undergarments. Vain, yet progressive thankfully.
    She also loves the “castle” chairs.

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