Gracie’s Gowns

My little niece Grace at three and a half is mad for fashion. She is determined that her ensemble be complete before leaving the house and shames her mother, my beloved sister Kat, into improving upon her own outfits. Schlubby doesn’t cut it in Graceland.

Grace loves gowns, unfortunately Philadelphia doesn’t have many options for gown gazing aside from the horrors offered at David’s Bridal and the even more horrifying Disney franchise. With the intention of tickling my niece’s fancy I want to try to present a few gowns now and again.

I can think of no man more gifted at gown making then Charles Frederick Worth, the man responsible for dressing Empress Eugenie and fashionable Second Empire society.

Although the first gown is actually from the House of Worth, after his death,it reflects the spirit of the age and appeals to the modern eye.

House of Worth

made 1898-1900

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Master

Charles Frederick Worth


Keeping with a strong graphic theme, this striped dress is particularly handsome.

Charles Frederick Worth

House of Worth


Metropolitan Museum of Art

Empress Eugenie 1855

Loads of pretty gowns to satisfy any little girl (or boy).

love, Uncle Len


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