Good Gothic Revival Shabbos,( a little late), week 8

Crazy hectic schedule and tax time to boot!

My mania for all things Gothic Revival inspires this weeks offering.

Both revival chairs are from the holdings of my hometown museum, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, both spins on the Gothic, both wonderful.

Gothic Revival Chair

Robert Venturi, born 1925

designed 1979-84,made in U.S. 1984

Bent laminated wood and painted plastic laminate

approx. 41x20x23

This chair in it’s cheery camouflage has been a favorite of mine since youth, it is made by Knoll, and may be one of the few chairs I present that I have an actual chance of owning.

Side Chair

Maker Unknown 1850-70

possibly Philadelphia or New York

Rosewood, rosewood veneer, ash, yellow poplar,cherrywood;brass approx. 46x18x23

A complicated composition in lumber for a pretty conventional side chair. I of course love it, crave it, would upholster it in Venturi pink, but it is a bit dull. I understand the Bloomsbury reaction to all of that stuffy furniture. But again, I wish I had inherited a stash of this horse haired stuff!

Have a great weekend


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