New paths

As business has slowed down considerably, I find myself trying to find new, truer, means of expression. When working with a designer or client, so often my outlandish motifs are squashed. I wish to use a tawdry arsenic green, we opt for a tasteful jade.

Little things, nothing earthshaking , but a certain lack of autonomy. I would like to take this down time and explore my loves. One such love is all things Venetian,   I love the color, the broad brush strokes, the outlandish  marbling, almost crude, almost garish, purples and greens and warm ochres with pink, too much, too beautiful.

I want to try my hand at that, headboards, settles, table tops, and firescreens, perhaps a sweet little puppet theatre.

This is a small little panel, Mars by way of Cathay.

The work is slow going without deadline, money, or most importantly a client’s expectation. But I have a headboard cut, I am almost finished of a tabletop, and i have ideas, lots of ideas.


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