Pining for Prinny

Eleanor's dragon

When my friend Ian Noonan first contacted concerning a project he had for me, I was tickled, I love Ian, very clever and smart, plus he gets all my references. Since being in CA I have had difficulty finding folks, DESIGNERS!, who cared at all for our rich decorative past. Of course they LOVE “old things”, mid-century is the go to style choice. But the things I love, the vulgar, extreme, colorful, downright gaudy, they flinch. Chastity is the taste of the day, all that blazing CA sun has tempered their taste, God love the Anglo Saxons and their gloomy weather.

When Ian called and told me he had a client who loved Brighton I was pleased beyond measure. The client had a fancy for the Banqueting Room dragon, the Stupendous Dragon. I went mad. Alas, the space is a smallish dressing room, Ian had installed a fun Indo-Chinois fixture but the space was compromised by  a ridiculous vent. No room for the glorious banana leaves, the snarling beast clutching above mentioned fixture as in the original.dragon chandelier

I had to come up with a solution.

Finding multiple dragons from that wonderful house was easy, creating a hybrid beast, fun. Wrapping his snarling monster-ness around the fixture, a natural compromise.

Since more is better, I dripped a pearl rope with an Orientalist censor, a baroque pearl, and a lovely blue bell from a Brighton bed. I adore blue and red, a magical combination.

Once again, everything was painted with Farrow & Ball paint, they make my projects so much easier.censor

This detail of the censor is my first real attempt at blending the stylization found in Chinese/chinoiserie cloud decoration with my more conventional painting style illustrated in censor and dragon. I like the flatness with the more rounded quality. Burgess suggested that treatment in many of his glorious projects, I want to explore that some more.


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  1. Len, I love your blog!

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